Modern and Intuitive

Reversing need not be tedious. Doppler is simple to install, easy to update on or offline, and comes with a pleasant, easy-to-navigate GUI that makes reversing efficient and intuitive. Everything is a single click or keyboard shortcut away when interactively inspecting binaries, while redundant tasks are automated by a scriptable backend.

Streamlining Binary Reverse Engineering

Constantly immersed in machine code at Zeropoint Labs, we quickly grew frustrated with shortcomings in the disparate and dated toolchain available for binary analysis. Realizing we were not alone in this sentiment, we set our sights on building Doppler from the ground up to streamline malware, reversing and vulnerability analysis. Our efforts are guided by a few core values:

  • Quality Matters. We aim to leverage best-in-class binary analysis research.

  • Extensibility Matters. We aim to make creating and using extensions seamless and pain-free.

  • Context Matters. We aim to connect the dots to enlighten analysts far beyond merely viewing machine code.

  • Interface Matters. We aim to make reversing pleasant, intuitive and beautiful.

We are only getting warmed up. Our long term vision of Doppler encompasses so much more than just providing a fantastic binary dissassembler and decompiler...stay tuned.

Our Features

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